Online Movie world is speaking about DivX Movies

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Divx Movies

Everyone in the Online Movie world is speaking about DivX Movies, you may have been aware of this term before, but what does it mean?

When we would ask a techie, well:

“DivX is a digital video compression format depending on the MPEG-4 technology. DivX files could be downloaded over high-speed lines in the relatively small amount of time without sacrificing the caliber of a digital video. Often used online to change video clips.”

But all through the globe, precisely what does this indicate (in english please)? And even more important, how can this benefit us whenever we download divx movies?

Here’s the way works… There is a 2 hour Movie you want to download. Should you planned to download it that might take provided that three days to download, you do have a regular DVD file which is about 4.7 GB!

Fortunately, a Codec was made from a company called DivXNetworks. What DivX does is it takes that old DVD dinosaur of any file and yes it compresses it into something 7 to 10 times smaller, and it maintains the high expertise of the visuals and also the audio about the DivX Movies.

As opposed to a download taking 3 days or 72 hours, this technique is reduced around 3 to 6 hours based on your conection speed,. That is what this simply means for people.

If you wish to Burn the file onto a Cd and see it on the DVD, first ensure your DVD-player supports DivX/XviD playback, then all you need to do is Burn it onto a CD or two, depending on the dimensions of the movie, and you also got a Ready to Rumble movie. Just be sure you keep the copies to yourself and never distribute them illegally or sell them and you’re all set.

One more thing you’ll want to be aware of is keeping popcorn with your house and wiring your tv with as much speakers as humanly possible : -).

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